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2011 Stern TRON Legacy
(Not a project, but a new acquisition...)



1980 Williams Defender


   New Acquisitions

Saturday June 25, 2011

The lineup was getting a little stale and decided to change things up a bit.

Parlayed the KISS pinball machine, its NOS playfield, cabinet stencils, new plastic set and a few dollars into a new Stern TRON Legacy pinball machine.

It is my first new pin, and probably my last, LOL. Wanted to have the experience of getting a new game and not having to restore it before putting in the game room.

It has a nice flowing playfield, beautiful cabinet and backglass, and a cool playfield toy that whips the ball at you to simulate a light disc battle.

Finally replaced the Defender I sold years ago. One of my favorites of all time which was greatly missed. Replaced it with an upright this time, and I am enjoying it much more than the cocktail version.

Restorations are still on hold, hopefully for not much longer, they are starting to pile up!
   Game On!

Thursday September 2, 2010

We've moved in a larger place this summer - lots more space for all my projects that have been accumulating the past few years.

Game restorations are going full tilt with the following restoration and repair queue:

  • 1980 Midway Space Invaders Deluxe
  • 1980 Atari Missile Command Cabaret
  • 1981 Bally/Midway (Namco) Galaga Mini
  • 1980 Williams Robotron:2084
  • 1976 Gottlieb Target Alpha
  • 1980 Williams Firepower
  • 1968 Gottlieb Domino
   Annual Update.

Tuesday May 11, 2010

It's been over a year since the last update. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to restore games as I'd like. Everything I've done in the past year has been pinball shop-jobs and re-assembling a video project that I tore down to do electronics work. Nothing has really been done that involves any woodworking or cabinet repair because of lack of time and space to work on things. Been busy getting this house ready to go on the market again and working on some non-arcade related projects. Hopefully soon, I'll be moving into a larger place with a shop and larger gameroom and I'll be able to finish my projects - first on my list is Bob's 48 in 1 Multigame.

Here's what I've done since the last update:
  • Shopped out the Star Wars Episode One pinball.
  • Repaired the Target Alpha pinball, tore it down and had playfield clearcoated.
  • Re-assembled the Battlezone Cabaret project after repairing.
  • Acquired the next pinball project, a 1980 Williams Firepower.
  • Lined up a shuffle alley bowler for the gameroom.
   Spring is here, Restorations in Full Swing, New Game.

Sunday April 5, 2009

Still working on a complete restore of the Terminator 2 pinball I acquired a few months back. Game needed much more work then I initially estimated. Just got done freshening the inside of the cabinet with a fresh paint job, and repainted all black metal parts as well. Game will also get a nice new clearcoated playfield installed at some point.

Just got started building a 48 in 1 game for a friend of mine who took a Phoenix cabinet and had the sides and front reproduced.

Finally picked up a Pinball 2000 game, a nice Star Wars:Episode One. Game needs a light shopping and is really nice shape.
   Back in the Saddle.

Thursday February 19, 2009

Decided to part with the Star Trek: Then Next Generation pinball. Good game with great flow, but decided to trade down to get another Terminator 2: Judgment Day machine. Getting back into video games with a couple of new titles and finishing up a few languishing projects like my Battlezone, Missile Command, and Galaga minis.

I'm about to close a deal on a Robotron: 2084 project, and actively seeking a new Defender cocktail. Looking forward to getting a couple of Williams titles back in my collection.

Finally, I picked up a 60-in-1 board that I am going to put in a custom built Ms. Pac/Galaga cabinet this summer.
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